With the increasing offer of accommodation options, there are some fundamental points to get a good highlight in face of the competition, such as reviews, guest requests response speed and… the quality of the photos in the ad.

In order to well manage your Airbnb and ensure good recipe and occupancy results, it is essential to have a quality photo session. This is the first contact with the guest, the first impression, and can be decisive for the conversion rate. With poor quality photos guests will probably not even click on the ad to find out more.

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Tips for shooting your Airbnb:

1. Use a good camera

Photographs should have good resolution (recommended minimum size of 1280×900 pixels), ensuring image quality.

2. Take horizontal pictures

None of the main booking websites: Booking.com, Airbnb or Homeaway, accept photos taken vertically – they are always cropped and not adjusted to the layout of the website, so you should only place photos taken horizontally.

3. Use 8 to 20 photos

Having few photos can be harmful, as it may not show everything needed. We advise you to have between 8 to 20 photos, depending on the size of the house.

4. Take advantage of daylight

Pictures should be taken during the day to ensure the best possible light. To help compose the photos, you can turn on the electric lights to give it warmth.

5. Show all spaces of the house

Take at least one photo from each area of the house, including kitchen and bathroom, so that your guests have a clear sense of what they will find.

6. Clean and tidy the house before the photoshoot

You must ensure that the house is perfectly clean and tidy, with all beds made and straight.

7. Shoot the surrounding space

Everything that is relevant around the apartment whether it’s the view, garden, pool or location, should appear in at least one photograph.

8. Do not include utensils that will not be available

It is important to remove from the photographs all objects that will not be available during the guests’ stay at your home.

9. Photograph the front and the building door

It is important to include a photo that shows the front and door of the building as it will help guests to find the house upon arrival and can be a good business card.

10. Avoid:

Flash in the mirrors, people in the photographs, blurred and dark photographs, pictures that are not very wide and badly framed, unsettled beds and so on

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If even with these tips you feel more comfortable handing over this task to professionals please know be that the photo session is part of our short term rentals services. If you have a house to rent and are looking for a short term rentals company in Lisbon, Oporto, Cascais, Ericeira, Algarve or Madeira, talk to us.

Feel free to download our ebook and find all the information you need to ensure that your home meets all the legal and tax requirements of the short-term rental law in Portugal.


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