Today, there are several Airbnb management companies in Portugal, but not all provide the same services and prices, which makes it difficult to choose the best option for each case. In this article, we have collected the main points to consider in this decision and what questions you should ask before choosing a short-term rental management company for your home.

1. In what periods will I rent my house?

Before you choose a Airbnb management company, you should define how you want to rent your house: all year round or just for a few specific times? Depending on your goal, you may need a company that does complete management or just one that handles booking and check in/check out services.

2. Hire a large or small short-term rental management company?

There are short renting management companies for all tastes: some more family owned, which manage only a few houses, and larger ones, more professional and with hundreds of houses and apartments in their portfolio (as is the case with Feels Like Home).

You should then understand the structure that the company you are considering has and what answers it can give to the problems that arise in your property during the whole process, from the guest’s check-in to the guest’s check-out.

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While in a smaller structure the service may seem more personalized, the truth is that larger companies have a greater capacity to respond to any problem that may arise, ensuring 24/7 assistance and saving you unnecessary headaches.

3. What services do I need?

Relating to the services provided, it is easy to find companies for each specific need: some deal only with reservations or payments, others manage check ins/check outs and maintenance, and others deal only with accounting.

Then there are the so-called full local accommodation management companies, which take care of everything for you, including all the legal and logistical paperwork associated with each house. So, it’s important to understand:

• What services does the company provide?
• Are these services included in a fixed commission or do they vary according to different commission values?
• What are the responsibilities of the owner?

4. How much commission do I have to pay?

Typically, the management fee of Airbnb management companies varies between 15% and 40%. It is important to understand which services are included in these fees, as there are many companies that charge a fixed percentage and then add some extra fees and costs. Then you must ask:

• How is the commission calculated?
• Are booking websites commissions included?
• Are there any extra costs for guests (such as cleaning fee, cost per extra guest, etc.)?

Transparency is one of the most important factors as it should ensure that you have access to all information about your property, such as guest costs, actual revenues, occupancy rates, etc.

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5. What booking platforms and management software are used?

One of the great advantages of working with a management company is the ease they have in publishing your home on various platforms and the management software they use. So, you should also ask:

• What websites or platforms will the house be published on?
• What channel manager and PMS is used to manage reservations and communicate with guests?
• Is the communication with the guest, before and after the reservation, fully guaranteed?

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6. Guest reviews

One of the main points of bookings is the quality of service provided and the consequent assessment given by guests. In this business, one of the main tools is the scoring of reviews (these are fundamental because they can influence, positively or negatively, the performance of the property).

You should then ensure, by doing a small survey, that the company you are analyzing has good comments online and that it manages them well – that it responds to all the comments it receives, being them positive or negative.

And that’s it, these are the main questions to be answered when choosing a Airbnb management company.

If you want, you can find out more about Feels Like Home services or make a contact request to find out how much your house is worth in the short-term rental market.


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