Whether you manage yourself or use a short term rentals management company, Airbnb’s business is highly dependent of word-of-mouth. Guests are expected to share their experiences with friends, family and, above all, other potential guests, not only through word-of-mouth, but also through reviews on major short term rentals platforms.

This makes the quantity and quality of reviews shared by guests one of the main indicators that rental sites use to assign a good (or bad) scores to a particular house, influencing guest choices.

It is therefore very important to ensure that your guests have the best possible experience, so that they leave reviews that encourage others to book.

Tips for good reviews in short term rentals

Prior communication with the owner or management company

Guests value the communication with the short term rentals management company or the owner of the house, so you should ensure that the entire check-in process runs smoothly and that you can answer any questions that may arise.

Service and Troubleshooting

No matter how much preparation is done, unforeseen events can always occur during your guests’ stay, so it is very important to always be available to solve, in a quick and effective way, any problem that may occur.

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Cleanliness is one of the most important points and what is most often referred to in reviews, both positively and negatively. It is essential to ensure excellent cleanliness in all bookings to maintain a high score.

Experience and Extra Services

Guests increasingly value the experience provided during their stay: from the booking moment until the departure. Therefore, you can (and should) try to make this period even more special by giving information about the city, current shows or specific tours, for example. Even if your guests choose not to do any of them, it is always well regarded.


Don’t forget that your guests came on holiday and expect to find exactly what they “bought” at the time of booking. Make sure that all the amenities you have advertised are available, such as washing machines, hair dryers, ironing facilities, etc. Even the minor importance utensils may be indispensable for your guests.

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Unforeseen events during stays

As the name implies, there isn’t much to do when unforeseen events occur, such as construction works on the street, noise and so on. However, these problems are often mentioned in the comments, so it is recommended that you try to inform guests in advance of everything that is going on around the accommodation, so that they are not taken by surprise.

As you can see, a good or bad review can make all the difference when choosing a home for the holidays, so you should be as sincere and helpful to your guests as possible, ensuring that they have the best possible experience during their stay.

At Feels Like Home, in addition to a team available to solve any problem 24/7, we also have a quality department responsible for analyzing all the reviews and ensuring that the less good ones do not repeat themselves, suggesting improvements to the houses or solving any problems.

If you have a house to rent and are looking for a short term rentals company in Lisbon, Oporto, Cascais, Ericeira, Algarve or Madeira, talk to us and find out why we excel in all the services we provide.

Feel free to download our ebook and find all the information you need to ensure that your home meets all the legal and tax requirements of the short-term rental law in Portugal.


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