Do you want to put your Lisbon house in Airbnb management?

Today, many homeowners look to local accommodation not only to monetize their homes but also to keep them occupied, reducing their risk of deterioration. If you have a house or an apartment in Lisbon and are looking for an Airbnb management company, find out how much you can get with your property and why you should work with Feels Like Home. Any questions you have, we’re here to help.

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Feels Like Home services for Airbnb management in Lisbon

Feels Like Home Welcome Center

We have a Welcome Center in the centre of Lisbon where all guests check in and collect the keys to the properties. This cozy space allows us to receive guests with quality and provide a service of excellence, without delays nor discomfort.

Team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We have our own local teams in each of the cities where we operate, ensuring the quality of Feels Like Home service and the 24/7 availability that our owners and guests need.

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Ready to start making money with your house?

    Some of the houses in Lisbon where we do Airbnb management

    We currently do short term rental management in more than 250 houses in Lisbon, from apartments to all types of villas.