Recently, Oporto had a great expansion, seeing even more approved rehabilitation projects and welcoming more tourists every day. This reality makes it a very attractive city to invest in real estate, as it has excellent quality buildings at still lower prices than Lisbon.

But please beware: if you’re thinking of investing in a new property with the aim of placing it in short term rentals, bear in mind that some areas no longer allow you to apply for new licenses, since they were declared as containment areas.

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What are the most profitable areas in Oporto for Short term rentals?

The neighborhoods with the best occupancy rates and the best annual income are currently located in the city centre, which is more developed and prepared for tourist activity and with few residential dwellings:

  • Baixa – This is the most central area of Oporto, with loads of shops and restaurants, and one of the tourists favourite places;
  • Ribeira – The whole area of Ribeira, with its authenticity and the Douro River as landscape, is one of the best places to have a house in short term rentals;
  • São Bento – Near the spectacular São Bento station there are several developments with short term rentals apartments and great occupancy rates;
  • Vila Nova de Gaia – It is said that Gaia’s most beautiful thing is its’ breathtaking view of Oporto, so all houses with views of the city usually show great results. In addition to the view, guests also have the Port Wine Cellars to visit and many restaurants to choose from.

Short term rentals occupancy rates in Oporto

In these areas of Oporto, the phenomenon of seasonality is less evident, which means that a good occupation rate is maintained throughout the year.

It is very important to take into account that the occupancy rate can be a misleading indicator – if we have high occupancy rates, it is mostly because the prices practiced are below average, which means that you can (and should) increase the values per night.

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Average values per night in Oporto

As far as daily rates are concerned, these areas are the ones that manage to maintain the highest prices all year round, and in Summer – high season – they can reach up to 100€ per night.

The values vary a lot, not only from area to area, but also from house to house – all factors count for the allocation of prices: typology, amenities, decoration, electronic equipment, building condition, and so on. Feel free to use our simulator to find out how much you can earn from your apartment on short term rentals.

Average stays and number of guests

The average number of stays in Oporto are lower than in Lisbon, varying between 2 and 4 nights, but the turnover is not as high as in the traditional hotel industry, where there are many one-night stays. The average number of guests to stay in these central areas of Oporto is 3.

If you have a house in one of these areas of Oporto and want to do short term rentals, talk to us and discover all the services we provide, including monthly rental solutions (if your house is in a containment area).

Feel free to download our ebook and find all the information you need to ensure that your home meets all the legal and tax requirements of the short-term rental law in Portugal.


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