The main goal of a short-term rental host should be to provide excellent service, ensuring the best possible experience for all guests when visiting your home. To ensure quality, the main booking websites value and highlight who has this concern and best serves the guests.

To highlight the best hosts, Airbnb created a program called Superhost Airbnb. This program includes all owners who meet all the requirements (quite demanding) defined by the platform.

What is a Superhost Airbnb?

Superhost Airbnb hosts have an identification stamp in their profile, which ensures a greater research highlight and, usually, the preference of those seeking accommodation.

Please note that being a Superhost is not the same as being Airbnb Plus. While the first one highlights the host, the second one highlights the best houses, in terms of quality and design. To belong to Airbnb Plus, it is also necessary to be a Superhost, but the same does not apply in the opposite situation, since it is possible to be a Superhost without being Airbnb Plus.

Terms and Conditions

Airbnb reviews hosts’ evaluations every 3 months, assigning the quality seal to those who meet the requirements or removing it from those who have lost at least one of the selection criteria.

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How can I become a Superhost?

Mandatory requirements to become an Airbnb Superhost:

  • Overall rating of 4.8 or more: Airbnb analyzes the score of all comments a host has received, and to be considered a Superhost, your score must be almost perfect. Considering that the maximum score is 5, it is very important to ensure that the service you provide to your guests is perfect.
  • More than 10 stays in the last year: Guests value experienced hosts, so this standard is very important. You should have more than 10 stays in the last year or 100 nights in at least 3 stays.
  • Cancellation fee less than 1%: To be considered a Superhost you cannot cancel any reservation that is already confirmed (reservations can be cancelled by guests but not by owners). There are some exceptions that do not count for the cancellation fee, such as death, illness or theft, which will have to be properly communicated and proven with Airbnb. Important: make sure you have the calendar always updated, so there are no overbookings and avoid unnecessary cancellations.
  • 90% response rate: Responding to messages sent by guests is also accounted for by Airbnb, so you should respond to all contacts you receive through the platform. Only hosts that have a response rate higher than 90% will be considered Superhosts, so you should also ensure that you are always the last one to respond within the message chain.

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Airbnb Superhost Community

When you receive the title of Superhost you automatically belong to its community on the platform, where you can ask questions and exchange experiences.
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