What is the monthly rental?

The monthly rental, also known as medium term lease, is a good option not only for those who have a house in a containment area of short-term rental and seek an alternative to make it profitable, but also for those who seek to rent your property only for periods of 1 to 12 months.

Rental alternative for short-term rental containment areas

With the limitation of short renting licenses, the monthly rental is an excellent alternative to monetize your home.

Availability of the asset

With this rental option, the landlord is free to use the house as soon as he needs it and can decide how long he wants the rented house per year.

Different tenant profiles

Many tenants are looking for this type of monthly rental, for example, people with construction work at home, temporary removals for professional or academic reasons, freelance professionals with autonomy to work from anywhere in the world, etc.

Lower Turnover and Seasonality

In the monthly lease, the seasonality and turnover are lower, as the lease contracts have an average duration of 3 to 6 months, thus ensuring the occupation in several months of the year without having many changes of tenant.

FLH Partners and Potential Customer Portfolio

Feels Like Home has a strong network of partners, such as multinational consultants and companies of various types, which contributes to a wide portfolio of potential tenants.

Owner and tenant support

We have a dedicated monthly rental team that can help with house preparation, contract preparation, receipts management and accounting issues. We also guarantee support to the tenant throughout the contract.

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