Today, with the new short-term rentals Law and the creation of containment areas, licenses have become more valuable, since in certain areas it is no longer possible to make new short-term rentals applications. Therefore, it is better not to ensure that you meet all the mandatory requirements, otherwise you will receive an inspection and lose your license.

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5 mandatory requirements for short-term rentals

1 – Short-term rentals Sign

According to the short-term rentals Law, all buildings or properties that function in the short-term rental activity must be properly identified as such. They are required to have an acrylic sign on the outside of the building or apartment with the following requirements:

  • 10 mm thick clear, extruded and polished crystal acrylic material;
  • 200mm×200mm;
  • Arial font 200, dark blue (pantone 280);
  • Application with 50 mm from the wall, through stainless steel screws in each corner, with 8 mm diameter and 60 mm length.

2 – First aid kit

The first aid kit is mandatory and must always be in its best condition, so the owner or the short-term Management Company should check after all reservations what has been used and what should be replaced. It must include at least Band-Aids, Betadine, compresses, alcohol and scissors.

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3 – House rules and important contacts

All-important rules such as quiet hours, fire and emergency contacts or more specific information about the house/building/street (information where to put the garbage, check-in and check-out times, etc.) should be very explicit and written in 4 languages – Portuguese, English and 2 more languages at the owner’s choice.

4 – Instructions on household appliances

The same happens with the instruction manuals for all household appliances, which must be available for guests and written in at least 4 languages.

5 – Fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Short-term rental apartments are required to have these two items, duly identified, in a place as visible as possible and accessible to any guest who may use the apartment. Important: it is not enough to buy the fire extinguisher and not think about it anymore – it must be checked by a specialized technician, certifying that it is functional.

These items are all extremely important for the safety of your guests and must be installed. In case of a Safety inspection by the City Hall, the lack of such items can cause your short-term rental to fail.

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