Advantages of short-term renting

Get to know the main advantages of renting your house on the short renting market.

Guaranteed payment

The full payment of the stay is made at the time of check in so there is no risk of payment failures or late payments.

Reduced risk of deterioration

Being able to visit the property whenever necessary, between each reservation, allows you to control the state of the property and ensure the perfect maintenance of it.

Availability and flexibility

When renting for short-term, since the house is occupied for short periods of time, the owner can visit and even use the house when needed.

Less worries

Delivering the house to a Airbnb management company that handles the entire process allows you to increase income without the hassle of handling the whole process.

Ready to start making money with your house?


    Check here for the most frequently asked questions about our Airbnb management and find all the answers you are looking for

    City taxes for short-term renting: who receives it and how is it paid?

    The collection and payment of the city taxes is guaranteed by FLH. Monthly and/or quarterly payments are made directly to the Municipalities/Parish Councils.

    Can I use my house? How many days a year?

    At Feels Like Home the Owner can use his home whenever he wants, without use limits.

    For how long is the contract with FLH?

    Feels Like Home contracts do not have a defined duration, so the Owner may terminate it as soon as it sees fit, only ensuring that it honors the dates previously booked by guests (whenever possible).

    Who sets the price of short-term renting for my home?

    Generally, at FLH, it is our Revenue Management team that sets house prices – according to direct competition, history of the area where it is located, typology and key characteristics. Owners may always dictate minimum base values or other situations they consider relevant.

    Airbnb containment areas – how can I make money without having a short-term license?

    If your house is in a containment area and you can no longer have a short-term license at this time, there are several alternative ways to monetize your property! Talk to us and we will be happy to help you find the best solution.

    Feels Like Home Commission?

    Feels Like Home commission is 30% (+VAT) without any additional fees or extra costs.

    What is included in the FLH services?

    All services are included in Feels Like Home Airbnb management, from the house preparation to the guest check-out. See our services page for more details.

    Do I need to have a short-term license?

    To rent your house on the short-term market, it is mandatory to have a license, i.e. a “Alojamento Local” number.

    How are the reservation payments made to Owners?

    At Feels Like Home payments to Owners are made monthly by bank transfer, with detailed report of all reservations for the month in question.

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