Although contact begins when the short-term rental reservation is confirmed, the time of check in is decisive to create empathy with guests, since the vast majority do not ask any questions or answer the confirmation emails before arrival. That said, we share some tips to ensure you receive your guests in the best possible way at your apartment.

1. Make sure the house is in good condition

There’s nothing worse than showing your new arrivals the house and realizing that something’s wrong. To avoid surprises, there’s nothing like doing a tour of all the rooms to make sure everything is as it should be: the beds are made, the waste bins are empty, the kitchen is clean and tidy, and so on.

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2. Prepare a welcome gift

Although it is not mandatory, all guests like to receive a small gift on arrival. It can be a small snack, like a traditional biscuit, or something more elaborate, like a basket with Portuguese products. The important thing is to show your hospitality.

3. Welcome your guests with a smile

The first impression is everything, so there’s nothing like welcoming your guests with a smile and showing that you know their names and where they come from. This will help people feel welcomed and more comfortable to present  any questions they have.

4. Be clear and brief

Don’t forget that most guests have taken a long trip by plane or car to get to your home. Be willing to provide all the information that is necessary but without going into unnecessary details.

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5. Share information about the house

All special features of the house should be mentioned at check in; if there is a window that opens to the opposite side, where the sheets for the sofa bed (if any) are, how the main appliances work and so on. All in a simple and uncomplicated way, to ensure that guests are aware of all indications.

6. Give tips about the city

Don’t forget that the vast majority of guests have already informed themselves beforehand about the city they are visiting, so you can always provide them with less touristic tips and recommending more local programs that allow them to get to know the city in a more genuine way.

7. Remember the important general rules

The rules are usually sent at the time of booking confirmation, but you can always recall the most important ones: clarify check-out times, inform about silent times, show where and when to put the trash, and so on.

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8. Share the most important contacts

Show all the contacts that can be useful during the stay, as well as the most important ones, such as emergency, police, fire department, and so on. If you work in a short-term rentals company with maintenance services (such as Feels Like Home), also share the number that guests can call in case of need.

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The check-in process can be very tiring and laborious, especially if you have short stays and several houses because you will have to repeat this process every few days, with new people coming and going. That’s why many owners choose to hire a Short-term Rentals Management Company that takes responsibility not only for the arrivals and departures of the guests, but also for ensuring that the whole stay goes as planned.

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